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spectacles déambulation

COLOR WHEELS - Creation 2018

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1 DJ / 10 wheels / 10 000 LEDs... 
COLOR WHEELS  is an urban and participative choreographic performance, combined with a 
monumental light installation. A unique collective experience, sensory and emotional. 
To the sound of electronic music mixed live by the on-board DJ, a procession of nine wheels from 2 
to 7m tall, illuminated by thousands of LEDs, enters the heart of the city. 
Skillfully handled by the dancers, the wheels spin and intertwine, dodge and swirl. Each wheel generates its own energy and transforms itself into an electronic island, drawing the audience into a hypnotic current, a psychedelic ballet with pyrotechnic effects. 
The frantic parade ends with the final assembly of the multicoloured wheels in a giant kaleidoscope that rises towards the sky like a comet on its way out... A monumental, surreal and magical light installation! COLOR WHEELS is a plastic and choreographic performance that can be adapted to all types of spaces and events (Street Festivals, Electro Music Festivals, Light Festivals, public inaugurations, private events...), in wandering on a defined route and/or in play on a fixed place. Generally designed to be played outdoors, it can be adapted indoors, provided that it is large enough (Exhibition parks, industrial wasteland, etc.). 



Dioxide blasts, ruby hand fires, confetti explosions, light programming.



Live mixed electronic music



1 night performance per day. Ideally starts at dusk.



1:30 to 2:00, depending on the route chosen 



1000 > 15.000


​20 artists (DJ, dancers) and technicians (sound, lights, pyrotechnics)



Local volunteers are invited to join the Compagnie Off's professional team: groups that have already been formed (e.g. a troupe of amateur dancers) or motivated individuals who are tempted by this crazy adventure with us.


Workshops :

- 12 to 20 volunteers in good physical condition, with a strong taste for dance.
- Preparation: 2 x 2 hours (D-2 / D-1) + rehearsals (D) + costume fittings. The project was awarded the Art Honoria bursary 2018 - Burning Man Festival.


Bear, banquise adrift ice floes, slowly gliding through a continuous stream of icy vapours...  

The Ice Diva exhales her lyrical tunes in the stormy Bear clings to her ice cap. Sedna, goddess of the Inuit people, swings her compass and points the way... In a wind of glitter, the Angel soothes Bear in her fury and despair.... The turbulent, carefree Marquesas flutter about the ice floes like frosted butterflies. The anger of the Inuit explodes in hard-hitting fragments! 

Pole to Pole A transhumance...

La transhumance... Like a drifting ice floe, a baroque caravan, a glacial fresco of an overheated world, takes us on the imaginary journey of a polar bear in perdition, a tribe of overexcited Inuits, a decadent nobility in love with good things, men and animals adapting and adopting each other, beings and territories in constant mutation. An improbable attempt to project yourself from one pole to the other. Don't be afraid of the cold! Let us take you to the other side of the mirror! 

Dioxide jets, dry ice, smoke, confetti explosions... 

Live lyrical vocals and recorded soundtrack: classical and contemporary music.


1 performance a day, at night or at dusk. 


1h to 1h30, depending on the chosen route.


1,000 to 10,000 people. 

18 artists and technicians.


As with all street performances, local amateurs can be integrated into the Compagnie OFF's professional team. 

The Giraffes