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Urban Poetic Overflow


20 Rue des Grands Mortiers, 37700 Saint-Pierre-des-Corps


+33 247 630 633

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 La Compagnie off at Point H^ut,
a place for urban creation 

LE POINT H^UT / Saint-Pierre-des-Corps - Urban creative space: RESOURCE POLE / SKILLS POLE 

Driven by the projects of Compagnie OFF and pOlau - the urban arts cluster, a resource structure at the interface of artistic creation and territorial development, Point H^UT is today an exceptional tool designed to meet the needs of multi-disciplinary creation and production for the public space. Since 2015, the Compagnie Off has been developing a resource center dedicated to the street arts at Point H^UT, supporting and advising artists with professional projects in the live performance sector. The main thrust of our support is to pass on the specific technical, artistic and administrative skills developed over 30 years. (Training courses, internships, "coups de coeurs" and support for young companies, help with the materialization of projects or construction workshops). 

The dimensions of Point H^ut (culminating at 22 meters) were designed to accommodate companies requiring large volumes or height, particularly for work and creation residencies. It also houses administrative offices, creative spaces, technical workshops, a residency pavilion, apartments, catering facilities and is equipped to receive the public.  To encourage and support the emergence of new artistic forms, La Compagnie OFF organizes "The Blitz Witz Natch" at Point H^ut. It also offers private parties catered by Les Garçons de Café and makes its premises available for co-organized events. (e.g. Les îlots Electroniques (association), Le Bâteau Ivre (concert hall)...). 

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Philippe Freslon - Artistic Director 

Caroline Forestier - Creative Assistant and Production Manager :

Carole Bonetti - Administrator :

Diane Sagard - Distribution Manager :

Anne-Gaël Le Floch - Accountant 

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20 Rue des Grands Mortiers,

37700 Saint-Pierre-des-Corps

The Compagnie Off is a non-profit association (law 1901)


Board members:


Matthieu Thouvenin, President

François Vignale, Treasurer

Emmanuel Lecerf, Secretary


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Compagnie Off is supported by the City of Tours, the Centre-Val de Loire Region, FONPEPS and ADAMI (France). OURS, banquise à la dérive/ Bear,banquise adrift ice floes receives creative support from Ateliers Frappaz. National Center of street performing arts in public spaces, Villeurbanne.

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