25 Years of Poetic Urban Overflow

Since 1986, Compagnie Off has been playing at creating an event wherever it goes, within the frameless frames of its timeless visions. Here are the Shows that have travelled the years and the roads... 

Le Défilé Fantastic (1991)


Equestrian and Lyrical Parade 

In collaboration with Company Caracole

A procession takes flight, bound to discover the four elements: water, air, earth and fire. Personified by four Riders and their mount, each element leaps out from some unlikely location. From her high pedestal, the Angel, naked and virgin, is looking down on the proceedings. On the ground, the swift Devils enjoy making a mess. A powerful soprano perched on her iron float orchestrates this Genesis, surrounded by a gang of clown-like choir boys.  A parading opera, cheeky and lyrical, that escalates to a baptism by Fire...



Les Gros (1990)


Up-close and sensitive intervention


Les Gros: 12 characters out of a comic book, hallway between the orange and the pumpkin. Les Gros, played by risky comedians, parading through the streets, a childlike smile on their face. They can be cheeky or voluptuous, messengers of Love, roundness and joviality They take over a city, reanimate a fountain, jump around on the roof of a building or glide over a stream… At the end of their journey, like toys going back to their imaginary chest, they let the air out of their body and fade away with a last kiss. 

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