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25 Years of Poetic Urban Overflow

Since 1986, Compagnie Off has been playing at creating an event wherever it goes, within the frameless frames of its timeless visions. Here are the Shows that have travelled the years and the roads... 

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{Presse} Revue de Presse ON AIR

picto presse2Samedi 10 Juin 2017, Inauguration du parc...

{Presse} El Greco 2014

picto presse2Le 1er Novembre, la Compagnie Off offrait au...

{Presse} La Loco a déménagé.

picto presse2Hier matin, la Compagnie Off accompagnait le...

{News} Les Gros, Live from Goyang

picto news A Herd of "Gros" let loose in the streets of Goyang, Korea, as part of the...


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Les Gros (1990)


Up-close and sensitive intervention


Les Gros: 12 characters out of a comic book, hallway between the orange and the pumpkin. Les Gros, played by risky comedians, parading through the streets, a childlike smile on their face. They can be cheeky or voluptuous, messengers of Love, roundness and joviality They take over a city, reanimate a fountain, jump around on the roof of a building or glide over a stream… At the end of their journey, like toys going back to their imaginary chest, they let the air out of their body and fade away with a last kiss. 


Le Défilé Fantastic (1991)


Equestrian and Lyrical Parade 

In collaboration with Company Caracole

A procession takes flight, bound to discover the four elements: water, air, earth and fire. Personified by four Riders and their mount, each element leaps out from some unlikely location. From her high pedestal, the Angel, naked and virgin, is looking down on the proceedings. On the ground, the swift Devils enjoy making a mess. A powerful soprano perched on her iron float orchestrates this Genesis, surrounded by a gang of clown-like choir boys.  A parading opera, cheeky and lyrical, that escalates to a baptism by Fire...



Les Sept Pêchés Capitaux (1992)



Deadly Sins Parade


Compagnie Off offers to invade the cities with symbolic artifacts from the fields. Barrels, cisterns, casks set on plow wheels are the mobile set of their journey, led by twenty men covered in clay, and seven young maidens impersonating the Seven Original Sins. The first generously bathes in whip cream, the second in gold coins, another flirts with a live python… A performance set to a background of flames and brimstone, filled with irreverence and opera, rushing towards the gates of Hell...


Le Palais des Découvertes (1993)



Entresort Forain


With Le Palais des Découvertes, Compagnie Off explores the frail balance between normality and abnormality. This "Palace of Wonders" is an initiatory labyrinth. A discovery of one's self, of the others, beyond one's own representations, but also an exploration of traditional "carny" theatre and freak shows. At the heart of the show is an attempt at hijacking the very notion of Curiosity: roles are switched, the onlooker becomes the looked at. In there, the Freaks are the owners, and invite the audience to discover a visual and auditive parade made out of their own reflexion. Halfway between good humored fun and slight unease, in front of those distorting mirrors…


Les Baisers du Cinéma (1995)



Romantic Travelling 

Set on a monumental film reel, two actors flirt, embrace, and fall in love. They summon up, take after take, the greatest love scenes of black and white cinema. For each scene, they re-enact the most beautiful kisses. Then everything fades out in smoke, as explosions of reel parts reach the sky, then slowly fall to the ground like some cinematic rain...


Carmen: A Street Opera (2000)



Carmen : A street Opera?

Opera is about extravaganza, mythical characters, the meeting of arts, a search for total art.

And what about street arts? ? Beyond just being an unidentified artistic object of the wild, “Street” tells its tales on a peculiar mode. “Street” is a privileged encounter with an audience, the invention of original stage settings, criss-crossing genetics of arts that used to ignore each other. “Street” is opera, a culture that feeds on air and freedom.

Just as Carmen does.

In this metal arena opened to the sky, flower of rust and cigar leaf, the spectator is one and many. He is one of the actual yet random elements of the show.
The 360° setting provides the audience with absolute freedom of reading. They can choose their own point of view and scenario, and two of them will never have seen the same production. The arena is like a fairground ride : it makes your head spin. Silences are intense. The noise of a bird, an ambulance or a horn will make the everyday come into something that lies beyond.

The street is right here, alongside the opera.


Va Donner aux Poissons une Idée de ce qu'est l'Eau (2003)







Opéra de Cirque / Opéra de Crise


Un directeur de cirque las des tracas de la gestion quotidienne s'engage sur la voie du suicide pour basculer au royaume des clowns. Sa dernière trajectoire, douloureuse, fantasmagorique et hasardeuse, se jouera sur une immense roulette de casino. Guidé, malmené par une musique puissante et corrosive, il affrontera nombre de ses fêlures : sa femme, le chef d'orchestre son rival, sa fille cachée Culbuta, son Âme Soeur, la dresseuse d'éléphant qui lui dit l'oracle, et le superbe dompteur d'un couple de siamois, son amour interdit.

Onze musiciens, quatre chanteurs lyriques, cinq garçons de piste sèment le trouble dans ce drame existentiel auquel est convié le public. Clown blanc de cette roulette russe, ce dernier ne sortira pas indemne d'une expérience qui provoque ses propres projections...