Désert de Piste

Phased Urban Overruning

Désert de Piste is a multi-disciplinary creation, multiple in its formats and occurences. The Great Fire, the Great Wind, the Great Storm... Nothing remains but a desert where, violently propelled out of their faireground merry-go-round, circus characters dear to Cmpagnie Off's heart end up in a state of emergency, seemingly helpless in front of the elements, the immensity, the void...

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Désert de Piste is a multi-format creation, adapted within a time and space context, and is always presented as a site-specific performance. Contact us for more information.


Cast & Crew

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Concept and stage direction: Philippe Freslon

Space art collaborator: Ewen Chardronnet

Plastic art collaborator: Jamal Lansari

Sound design: François Joinville

Costumes: Sabine Solin


Co-produced by Atelier 231, Centre National des Arts de la Rue - Villeurbanne. 



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Press Reviews

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" In Villeurbanne, the desert is slowly invading the streets… Désert de Piste creates and redesigns these obesssions of immensity with real urban poetry... "
Libération, 15/06/2006 


Formats & Adaptations

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