Les Roues de Couleurs


The Colour Wheels have crossed the Five Desert of the Five Continents. In the process, men have become Clay men, piling layers of dust and sweat at each step of their journey...

Data Sheet


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An on-board live DJ mixes the soundtrack to this urban parade, switching from electronic music (90s House, Techno, French Touch...) to instrumental classics (Opera overtures, movie soundtracks) and contemporary works (Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Pierre Henry…) - always according to the crowd's mood and movements. He composes in real-time a multi-coloured musical universe in constant adaptation to the moment, the location, the people.  


A Participative Performance


Through a series of training workshops, Compagnie Off offers to integrate a number of local volunteers to the show, as “Clay Men” or choreographic performers. 


The work is based on the notions “Listen, Watch and Be”, open to all and directed by professional actors from Compagnie off, and allows for an introduction to Street Theatre basics, with the purpose of creating a dynamics with local volunteers beyond the show itself. 


Cast & Crew

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Concept, stage direction & design: Philippe Freslon





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Press Reviews

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“ What a night! The Avenue of Champagne was illuminated by the magic of the great multi-coloured Wheels, spinning and daring, leaving wonderment wherever they went.”
L’Union, 12/12/2009


“Hundred of thousands of Madrilenians gathered for the event, and a chance for a glimpse at these incredible, spectacular spheres of light and colours...”
El Mundo, 06/01/2009



Formats & Adaptations

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They are 6 to 10, with a diameter of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11m. Their frentic whirlwind echo like a rallying call, and their trajectory of colours becomes the very reason for the Race. Thirty Clay Men make them spin and twirl, as the Wheels become energy generators, propelled by the techno beat mixed live by an on-board DJ. Each street becomes a tarmac, each crossroad an impromptu dancefloor. The technorpocession moves on and on, with powerful sound, bright light, saturated colours, confetti explosions and a smile on everyone's lips. 


The rolling UFOs guided by the marking out of on the road proceed towards a central point in order to mate there and compose a startling machinery of wheels and pinions and other rotating movements. Flying machine coloured with a rainbow, looking like the giant machinery of a gear box. Captive balloon that rises but cannot fly, a multi-coloured marquee on the move, a canvas painted in the night, something is torn, something screams. 


Immediate decoding: intoxciation of the (es)senses and fragmentation of your particles...


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Chromatic Ballet


The Great Wheels also know how to make themselves graceful and slow whan needed. In slow-motion, they unite for a hypnotic ballet of fantastic colours, fuelled by a contained energy: a poetic urban overflow. 


The performance of the Colour Wheels depends on the context, the location, the audience and the occasion. Site-specific work is always undertaken, to better suit the circumpstance, with appropriate ingredients.



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