Philippe Freslon

Creator, stage director and stage designer


After prolonged journeys to Africa, the USA and India, he settles in Berlin in 1980, where he joins the Tempodrôme alternative circus. In 1986 he creates Compagnie Off in Tours. He is the director and designer of its ephemeral creations and shows. His artistic line focuses on an imaginary filled with extravagance and burlesque. His passion for Opera leads him to explore the genre and its adaptation to the urban context throughout many creations (Les 7 Pêchés Capitaux, le Défilé Fantastic, Carmen Opéra de Rue, Va Donner aux Poissons une Idée de ce qu’est l’Eau...): the confontation between reality and fiction, the Earth and Beyond, the popular and scholar, the profane and sacred…



“ Compagnie Off is like a Life, and what matters is not that it lasts long, but that it is well plaid. (Then again if it can last long, so much for it.) ”


"Compagnie Off is like a permanent intuition on universal themes. It’s a frail conception of fracture, of getting close to the void. It is the equilibrium of imbalance, normality in freakiness, a quest for justness and the essential. Compagnie Off is three wishes: to want every show to be performed as if it was the last, to want the fish to get an idea of what water is, and to want, always to want."




Quoting famous thoughts:

"All of our prisons are sedentary, all of our freedoms are nomadic."

"One should always try to be happy, if but only to show a good exemple. "

"Enthusiasm is the most effective of aphrodisiacs."

 Philippe Freslon