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Carmen: A Street Opera (2000)



Carmen : A street Opera?

Opera is about extravaganza, mythical characters, the meeting of arts, a search for total art.

And what about street arts? ? Beyond just being an unidentified artistic object of the wild, “Street” tells its tales on a peculiar mode. “Street” is a privileged encounter with an audience, the invention of original stage settings, criss-crossing genetics of arts that used to ignore each other. “Street” is opera, a culture that feeds on air and freedom.

Just as Carmen does.

In this metal arena opened to the sky, flower of rust and cigar leaf, the spectator is one and many. He is one of the actual yet random elements of the show.
The 360° setting provides the audience with absolute freedom of reading. They can choose their own point of view and scenario, and two of them will never have seen the same production. The arena is like a fairground ride : it makes your head spin. Silences are intense. The noise of a bird, an ambulance or a horn will make the everyday come into something that lies beyond.

The street is right here, alongside the opera.