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grandeparade 1


Circolyrical Best-Off


In order to finally close the great book of the Circus Ring and follow the track towards the Stars, Compagnie Off revisits, remixes, meltingpots a BEST OFF of Circus-inspired obsessions.

By turning on the stage lights once more, it revives timeless characters, inventive machineries, imaginary, stylised animals and a Circus Director treading on the fragile wire between reality and spectacle, angry with his own shadow, elated by matter, in love with his own fantasies… Something’s ringing.

"La Grande Parade" is a pageant of open scenes, endlessly merry-going-round, a circular motion unfolding through a single street, a surface that becomes a volume, a fixed item that becomes mobile…. Two hours of overheating. 

Unfolding storytelling: the story of a director who’s turned his life into a circus…

Among the images: a wheel-cage and heart-pounding tigers, diva mistresses on poles, high-flying giraffes, a heavy-weight elephant, a rapid-fire canon, a perilous back-leap into nothingness, a tremendous lyrical shriek…